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Refunds, Switching Participants, and Deferrals


The $1000 deposit is 100% refundable until three weeks prior to the start of the New Leaders Training for which participant has been accepted. It is 50% refundable until two weeks prior to the start of the New Leaders Training. After that, within two weeks of the start of New Leaders Training, it is nonrefundable.

Switching Participants

If for some unexpected reason the applicant cannot attend the session to which they were accepted, they may switch sessions in the same year only if there are available spaces. However, if the change of session request is made after the applicant is accepted into New Leaders Training, there will be a change fee of $250 billed to the applicant's institution. Once a participant and institution are accepted to a session, the institution may seek to switch a participant that it is sending. The institution and new applicant must submit a revised application with updated answers for relevant questions regarding the capacity of the new applicant to serve as a SEED seminar facilitator. SEED staff will then review the new application to ensure that new applicant has the capacity for and understands their commitment to the training and to being a SEED facilitator. If SEED determines that the new applicant does not have this capacity and/or understanding, SEED will treat this as a refund requested on the date the new application was submitted.


Participants and institutions who have been accepted to one year and wish to defer their participation may do so by submitting the $1000 deposit. If participant and institution remain the same in the following year, no additional application needs to be submitted. If an institution wishes to send a new participant, or a participant is at a new institution, a new application must be submitted. Participants seeking to defer three weeks prior to the session to which they were accepted will forfeit their $500 for this year, and participants seeking to defer within two weeks of their session will forfeit their $1000.

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