Mellody Hobson, president of Ariel Investments, explains in this TED Talk why we need to talk about race rather than being "color blind."

Talking about race can be hard, she says, but "It's time for us to be comfortable with the uncomfortable conversation about race.... "We cannot afford to be color blind. We have to be color brave." She suggests that in order to do this, we should invite people into our lives who don't look or act like us and can offer different perspectives. Additionally, she speaks about the most important lesson from her mother, that she could be anything — a lesson that helped her dream big. "Be brave for the kids who are dreaming those dreams today," she urges. "Be bold." (Via Upworthy.)

Her speech echoes many of the principles that drive SEED: finding ways to have conversations about difficult subjects, engaging with people unlike ourselves while also valuing our own experiences and potential, and learning to be a good ally.