Leader Essays https://nationalseedproject.org/itemid-fix/tags/leader-essays Mon, 24 Feb 2020 00:59:52 -0500 Joomla! - Open Source Content Management en-gb SEED Leaders Share How Lesson on Hair Promotes Inclusion and Social Justice https://nationalseedproject.org/itemid-fix/entry/seed-leaders-share-how-lesson-on-hair-promotes-inclusion-and-social-justice https://nationalseedproject.org/itemid-fix/entry/seed-leaders-share-how-lesson-on-hair-promotes-inclusion-and-social-justice Ann Sullivan (L) and Dyann Connor (R). Photo credit: Kirk SmithComments by students about each others' hair may come from natural curiosity, but can be especially uncomfortable or unwelcome for students of color. That's why two SEED leaders at a school in Delaware created an activity on the science of hair that also incorporated lessons on diversity, tolerance, kindness, and inclusion.

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Pebbles Make The Mountain https://nationalseedproject.org/itemid-fix/entry/pebbles-make-the-mountain https://nationalseedproject.org/itemid-fix/entry/pebbles-make-the-mountain Stones in a pilePerhaps the greatest struggle I have in explaining SEED is accounting for why SEED works. Our current SEED staff are not nationally known personalities with the most news headlines, academic publications, or social media followers. Often times when we present one-off sessions at conferences or share what writing we do have, people respond with “That’s nice.” This is a striking contrast to what participants share with us during our seven-day New Leaders Week.

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Reflecting on Race at the White Privilege Conference https://nationalseedproject.org/itemid-fix/entry/reflecting-on-race-at-the-white-privilege-conference https://nationalseedproject.org/itemid-fix/entry/reflecting-on-race-at-the-white-privilege-conference Randall CarpenterRandall Carpenter
High School Chemistry & Physics Teacher
SEED Leader

SEED has given me the gift of realizing that I have stories to share, and as I prepared to go to my fifth White Privilege Conference, I immediately began reflecting on my childhood experiences.

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