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SEED Seminar Participants Share What SEED Means to Them

Faculty at the Agnes Irwin School in Pennsylvania who participated in a year-long, monthly SEED seminar there talk about what the experience has meant to them personally and to the school community in general. The video was created by SEED leader Charesse Ford, Director of Diversity and Multicultural Affairs, and her staff.

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SEED "Has the Power to Transform Communities"

Jessie Lortie, a high school teacher and SEED leader from Boston, says that leading a SEED seminar for her colleagues has been transforming for the school faculty, students, and community as a whole:

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The Process of Knowing and Learning: An Academic and Cultural Awakening

SEED Co-director Brenda Flyswithhawks' inspiring article about her classroom practice, "The Process of Knowing and Learning," has long informed SEED work and many of the interactive exercises done at New Leaders' Week and local teacher- and parent-led SEED seminars.

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